Sex: Male
Species: Mutated, Cybronic Human

The most dangerous enemy in the Arena, Xaero embraces honorable death. He longs for the day when he will meet the opponent who frees him from the shackles of life eternal - if such a warrior exists.

Xaero is the most powerful warrior in the Arena and tends to favour the Railgun. He often compares battle to some kind of spiritual experiences.

Defeat Edit

Xaero is eventually defeated by the main character, at the end of Quake III: Arena. He bows to the main character and, turns his back, and turns into a statue, his spirit visibly rising to a higher plane of existence. This proves that one can escape the Arena Eternal via an honorable death, or perhaps by being killed as the Arena Master. This also appears to be Uriel's dream. Assumably, the player character becomes the new lord of the Arena.