The spawn of a Strogg Tank Commander and an Iron Maiden, Tankjr is a sadistic bio-tech nightmare. He was abducted by the Vadrigar to fight on the Arena Eternal.

Official description Edit

  • Height: 7'3
  • Weight: 1700 lbs
  • Genotype: Cyborg
  • Gender: None

Backstory: Like Alexander, son of Phillip of Macedonia, Tankjr is the reightful heir to a kingdom carved out by conquerors like his sire, the Tank Commander from Stroggos. Descended from that dreaded and feared military leader fought and defeated during the Stroggos Wars, this machine of war possesses an innate desire to crush all foes beneeath his metal-shod heels.

Additional info Edit

Tankjr is the only distinct Strogg character that appears in the Arena Eternal setting of Quake III Arena. His background story hints at a secret at the very end of Quake II (level Final Showdown), where a Tank is relaxing intimately with two Iron Maidens.