Alternate plasma rifle design.

Also known as the Plasma Gun, this energy weapon fires highly ionized gas blasts in rapid succession, using energy cells as ammunition.

Plasma Rifles shoot multiple rounds of plasma energy - frying some demon butt!

Series 3 Plasma Gun Edit

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Representing yet another great accomplishment of the UAC, the series 3 Plasma Gun is an extremely versatile medium-range combat weapon. Harnessing the exhaustive resources of synthetic plasma, the Plasma Gun meets the critical requirement of low-cost, abundant ammunition for today's highly mobile military. Capable of sustained firepower due to the latest advancements in plasma-injector technology, this weapon's light weight and high yield make it desirable for most combat scenarios.

Use by the Demons Edit

The Demons have also been observed using plasma weaponry. In particular, the Arachnotrons are known to employ one or two plasma repeaters mounted on their cybernetic body frame, while Imps and Barons of Hell seem to be able to manifest single-shot plasma projectiles at will as a part of their natural physiology.

Vadrigar Plasma Gun Edit

Vadrigar plasmagun

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