Age: 28
Born: La Grange Point, Space Station McKinley
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 190
Rank: Master Sergeant
Unit: Rhino Squad

Master Sergeant Marian Bidwelll was one of the space marines sent to Stroggos.

Background Edit

Marian Bidwell was born in space and planned on dying in space. Both his parents were Marines for life, and he intended to do the same. He supplied falsified documents in order to join the Corps while still two years under the legal age limit. He'd seen more war and death than most men twice his age, but Bidwell still loved the Marine Corps and all its traditions.

The master sergeant could be extremely brutal during training. He knew the only way a Marine is going to survive under enemy fire is to train under extreme duress. More than a few Marines have been severely injured during exercises, but Bidwell would never lessen the training. Rhino squad was too important to allow anyone but the absolute best out onto the field.

Death Edit

He was killed in action by a Strogg Harvester during operation : Advantage, while trying to protect the EMP bomb critical for the mission to succeed.