Age: 19

Born: Chicago, Illinois

Height: 6'

Weight: 150
Assign: Medic
Unit: Rhino Squad
Status: K.I.A.

Medic Anderson was one of the space marines sent to Stroggos.

Background Edit

Jeremiah Anderson was the youngest member of Rhino squad even though he'd been with them for more than a year. Coming from an affluent family in Chicago, Jeremiah could have easily used his grandfather, General Anderson, to avert serving on the front lines. Instead, he requested to be a part of Rhino squad, hoping to always be in the thick of the action.

When Master Sergeant Marian Bidwell heard a general got Anderson assigned to the squad, he made it just that much harder on Jeremiah. Much to Bidwell's surprise, Anderson thrived under the stressful conditions. Although Jeremiah considered himself a healer, he wasn't afraid of using a gun, and with his knowledge of Strogg physiology, he was an expert at stopping the enemy with a minimum of shots.

He was ambushed and killed by a Strogg "physician".