Multi-shot Gatling-style gun that packs a punch but eats through ammo quickly. Several types of this weapon exist.

"Chainguns direct heavy firepower into your opponent, making him do the chaingun cha-cha."

Mach 3 Chaingun Edit

Very powerful; good belt size; medium accuracy with spread; heavy recoil; slight wind-up time. The weapon is fed by ammo belts and can hold 60 rounds at a time.

UAC Chain Gun Edit

The Chain Gun's 0.30 caliber armor piercing round delivers substantial damage, but heavy recoil reduces accuracy.

TCM Chain Gun Edit


This type of Chaingun was issued to space marines during the Stroggos campaign. The long spin up and spin down time made this chain gun most effective for sustained attacks.

"The chain gun makes mince meat out of your enemy, but requires an insane amount of ammunition."

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