The BFG 9000 in all its devastating glory.


Alternate design of the BFG 9000 weapon.

"BFG 9000s are the prize of the military's arsenal. Shoot it and see for yourself."

The BFG 9000 (sometimes affectionately referred to as "Big Fuckin' Gun") is an experimental UAC energy weapon. Discharging a gigantic, highly destructive glowing green spherical projectile, it is a force to be reckoned with. Extremely destructive, it is great for clearing rooms, but requires a lot of cell ammo and its wide spreading wave of plasma dispersed upon impact poses a heavy threat of friendly casualties.

According to Security Chief Michael Abrams of the UAC Delta Labs, the BFG 9000 was significantly lighter than the earlier prototypes.

The BFG is a multi-staged weapon, the longer the trigger is held the larger the charge. Be careful not to over-load the gun or it will blow up.

The Projectile Edit

The BFG 9000 is said to fire a "threaded variable energy charge". This is also occasionally identified as a plasma sphere.

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